What is allowed:

  • Sensual touching of one another
  • Jacking off of one another
  • Nipple play
  • Foot play
  • Massaging
  • Kissing
  • Voyeurism
  • Exhibitionism
  • Erotic talk
  • Gay and Bi Pornography
  • Lube (Astro Glide, Albolene, Boy Butter, etc.)
  • Common sexual enhancements
  • Anonymity (must provide only us with basic info)
  • Only watching, but you must be naked
  • Consent is understood once you RSVP to attend an event

What is NOT allowed:

  • No fucking
  • No sucking
  • No lips below the hips
  • No aggressive behavior
  • No forcing anyone to do something with which they are not comfortable
  • No playing in any rooms except the designated "playroom"
  • No cameras including smart phones
  • No audio recording devices of any type
  • No swapping of play toys
  • No sharing of bodily fluids (in one another's orifices)
  • No disclosing any personal information about attendees or the location of the event