Is this legal?

Masturbation between consenting adults in the State of Florida is legal and safe. We are a private group in the Orlando area and offer a safe environment for men who enjoy masturbating with other like-minded men.

What do you mean by consent?

When you RSVP to the event invitation your are consenting to the activities that you may experience at the event. These are listed on the “Rules” page of our website. Not all of the allowed activities may take place at each event and you may decide which ones you wish to experience. If you are not interested, simple state no when approached or let us know prior to the start of the event. 

Why must I provide my full name for membership?

To maintain our private group status which provides certain legal protections in the state of Florida, we require membership, and the following information is required.  A first and last name, an e-mail address, and a phone number.

What happens after I submit the request form?

After you submit the request form we will add your email address to our list and send you a confirmation message. We request that you reply to this message to confirm your email address and we ask for a face picture. Once we receive your reply, we will add your address to our group list and you will receive party invites and information.

We have added this additional step to verify two things about you. One, you did request to join and two, you did not mistype your email address. This helps us reduce spam accounts and confirm membership requests.

If you do not hear from us you may have mistyped your email address or our reply was stopped by your junk/spam filter. Please add orlandojacks@orlandojacks.com to your whitelist or address book to prevent this from happening.

Why do you ask for a face picture?

We ask for a face pic to help us identify you when you attend a party.  We do not share any personal information we receive.  We are very discreet and respect the privacy of our group members. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to worry about being removed because I am out of town and cannot attend often?

We do not remove email addresses due to lack of attendance. That said, we do remove email addresses that stop working for various reasons including being over quota and inactive. If you have not heard from us in a while, please contact us and we’ll check.

Why do you have social media accounts? Do you post or share member information?

We have social media accounts to help us with exposure on the WWW. We use our accounts to share general information about the group and us, the group owners. We do not share any specific information about our members. We may tell a story about a circle jerk event we hosted, but we do not name names. The images you may find are of us and sometimes of members who have given us permission to share. All pics posted do not contian faces. Any names used are not actually our names or those of our members. Any similarities are a coincidence. 

What are the ages of your members?

We have a minimum age requirement of 21 and up. We do not ask our members how old they are and we only card those members who look or state they are twenty-something. Most of our members are in their 30s and 40s.

I am an older guy and I am wondering if I will fit in?

We cannot guess how you may be received at a party. If you are young at heart and are comfortable with being naked and jacking off in a group, you should fit it. We have been told by some of our older members that our group was not for them and they stopped attending. Most of our members are in their 30s and 40s.

How do I unsubscribe from the group list?

If you want to remove your email address from our list you can use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our messages. The form is also available here by clicking unsubscribe.

Why don’t I receive messages about parties and updates?

Some email providers do not allow messages with links to be delivered to your inbox. Our invitations always contain a link to the RSVP form. After requesting to join be sure to add orlandojacks@orlandojacks.com to your address book or whitelist the address. If you do not, our messages may be blocked or end up in your spam folder.

What happens if I do not reply to the group’s message after I request to join the group?

If you do not reply to our message to complete the process to join, we flag your contact information and may not reply to future requests to join. We understand that guys get horny and do uninhibited things on the Net and maybe regret or remorse sets in after you hit the send the button. It happens, we hear about it. We want our group to be open to all but we cannot play games and waste time with back and forth attempts to join.

What will happen at my first party?

Here is a breakdown of what happens at every party. We have a 30-minute arrival window to give members time to get here before the party starts. So if a party is at 8, the arrival window is 7:30 to 8. During this time everyone is dressed and hanging out. One of your hosts is available to answer questions.

After everyone has arrived or it is the start time, all members go to the changing room. This is where you strip down and leave all belongings behind, then everyone goes to the playroom. This room has places to sit and porn playing on the TV. We provide small towels for a cleanup and lube. We do not have a specific end time and a lot of members stay for a second round, as we call it. Most parties wrap up in two to three hours.

I am a member of the group, may I share the party information with my friends?

No. Members that have signed up are the only people permitted to attend the events and we ask that they do not share this information with anyone. Feel free to share our website with anyone who may be interested.

What happens if I do not show up after I submitted the RSVP form?

If you RSVP and then do not show up for a party you will be removed from our membership list and blocked from rejoining the group. We rely on the RSVP list to get an accurate count of attendees. If we have to turn away members and then have some not show up, it is not fair to those who missed out. Always contact us, even after a party, if you cannot attend.

Are there any other JO clubs in Florida?

We are aware of two other JO clubs in Florida, both appear to be in the Fort Lauderdale area and defunct. You may be successful in finding one in a nearby metropolitan area around where you live by going to the New York JacksMasturbation.com, BuddyBate.com, or Squirt.org

I do not live in Orlando, but I get there often and was wondering if you host smaller private parties?

We have many out-of-town members and we get asked this question often. We are happy to host what we call a “small circle jerk party" for our out-of-town members. If you contact us before your visit, we can try to arrange this for you.

Where can I learn more about this and other groups?

Check out this link:

“I Run a Jerk-Off Club: True Stories from 3 American Club Owners"

What if I wear a prosthetic, will it be uncomfortable for others?

We cannot speak for all members but this is not an issue for most guys. You are welcome to come.  If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you may leave.

What if I use a walker or cane, can you accommodate my needs?

We are a private group and our home is not ADA compliant, nor are we required to make these upgrades. If you need your walker or cane at all times this may present a problem when you are in the playroom. We host in our private residence and space is limited.

What if I have a medical condition that impacts my ability to perform, will it be uncomfortable for others?

We cannot speak for all members but based on past experiences this may be a problem depending on the medical condition. We’ve had members with various medical conditions attend and that made others uncomfortable. Sometimes the member with the condition left early and sometimes other members left before the party started. We recommend meeting with us before attending your first party so we can evaluate your unique situation.

How many guys usually attend the parties?

We average between 12 and 15 members each month. We cannot guarantee how many members will attend each month and we do not make any promises on the number of attendees. The largest party to date had 25 members.

Why is the party by invitation only? Why don't you publish the party information on the Web site?

The parties are by invitation only because we are a private group and hold the parties in our private residence. We are limited by space and parking - (parking along our street is allowed as long as no driveway is blocked). We do not publish the party information because the location is private and for members only.

Why am I not receiving party invitation emails or other email correspondence from the Orlando Jacks group?

Check your spam filter or junk email folder. Our emails are probably being filtered into one of these two types of folders. Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, and Hotmail email accounts are the biggest email account, culprits.

What body types do most members have? I want to be sure I'll fit in.

Most members are everyday men (not "models") who you would see out and about in the Orlando Metro area. The majority of members are of average height, weight, build, and size. All we ask is that if you are too uncomfortable with yourself or your appearance that you reconsider. As an option, please email us with your item of concern, and we will let you know how you may be perceived at the party. But please note that we can neither control how you will be perceived nor are we responsible for the amount of attention you will receive from others at the party.

I have a little bit of a gut. Will I stand out from the crowd?

As stated above, we have a wide variety of body types and yes, we have members with a bit of a gut or "beer belly." Remember that we are a group about jacking off with other men and that concept is our main focus. Use your best judgment based on your personal feeling, perceptions, and comfortability with yourself.

Can I attend and just watch the action?

Yes. You can attend our gatherings and just watch, but remember that you must be fully naked. You may also leave at any time before or during the party. The exciting fantasy of jacking off with a group of guys typically becomes a little nerve-racking once it becomes a reality.

I want to keep my anonymity. Do you have a mask I can wear, or can I bring one myself?

Yes. We have available plastic "Mardi Gras style" masks that cover your eyes. You may bring your mask that covers your eyes if you wish. We recommend that you arrive early so that you can put on the mask before the other members arrive. Please do not come to the front door wearing your mask since the parties are held in our private residence in a residential neighborhood. In addition, you may not wear full face masks or ones that cover your head.

What personal information am I required to provide?

We ask for your full name, a valid e-mail address, city, zip code, and phone number. All fields are required except the phone number. We ask for city and zip code information to help us identify our out-of-town members and if there is a similar group in their area. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Is this party legit?

Yes. Our parties are completely legitimate meaning that exactly what we say on our Web site is exactly what is allowed and not allowed at the parties.

Is this party for gay men only? I consider myself bisexual.

The Orlando Jacks is a group for men who enjoy jacking off with other men. All men are welcome to join, gay, bisexual, or straight - it does not matter. Your hosts are openly gay men.

I'm married and straight, but enjoy jacking off with other guys. Will I fit in?

As stated above, we are a group of men who enjoy jacking off with other men. If you like watching and/or playing with others guys as they jack off, then you'll fit in just fine. At no time do you need to reveal your marital status or sexual preference.

What type of pornography do you show at the parties?

Since the group started, we have shown mostly gay porn. We have had requests for straight or bisexual porn, and can accommodate these requests. We usually queue up a porn playlist during the party and it may contain straight and bisexual porn. We cannot show only straight or bisexual porn at a party since most of our members indentify as gay. We suggest you watch the “live porn” in the room and help a buddy out with a hand job. 

Can I bring my videos or suggest something?

Yes to both. We prefer that your videos or suggestions come strictly from the mainstream and do not contain specific fetishes. Absolutely no videos containing people under the age of 18 will be shown! We reserve the right to refuse to show anything that may be offensive to our members or us, your hosts.

I don't like gay porn, why don't you show straight or bisexual porn?

Since your hosts are openly gay men, we go with what we know and have in our video library. That said, we do have straight and bisexual porn available. Keep in mind that the parties are not about the porn but about a group of men getting off with one another. The porn that is shown is primarily for getting the party started. Typically, after the first 5 minutes or so, no one is paying attention to what is on the TV.

If I'm uncomfortable, can I leave at any time?

Yes. We want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves. If you are uncomfortable or are not having a good time, you can leave. Simply dress quietly and one of your hosts will see you out. Always know that if nerves get the better of you the first time, there will be other parties you can attend to give it a second chance. You might be quite surprised how quickly your confidence builds!

Can I request not to be touched at a party?

Yes. If you are not comfortable with other guys touching you, just state so before the party begins. The group respects all member's wishes.

I like to kiss other guys while jacking off. Is this allowed?

Yes. No lips below the hips, but lips on lips are perfectly fine. Just be aware of other members' wishes and desires. Simple body language is a good way to tell if that guy you're eyeing is a willing participant. If you signal to someone to come sit near you or touch you and they do not respond, do not take it personally. That person is probably not comfortable with that particular situation. Do not continue to be persistent thinking the person will give in! Remember to respect one another.

How long do the parties last?

Most parties last between one and a half and two hours.

Do the parties end after everyone gets off? I like to get off a couple of times.

No, not always. Most of the parties have what we call a "round two." Since the video is always on in the background, and most guys stay after "round one" to laugh, joke, socialize, and make fun of the porn, someone usually starts jacking off again. Not all guys want to go for a "round two," so respect their wishes if they do not wish to do so.

I'm afraid that I will come quickly since I'm new at this. If someone is stroking me, can I stop them?

Yes. Some members, new and returning, can come quickly. You can give yourself a jacking-off break or ask the member who might be jacking you off to stop. A hand on the wrist and a whisper in their ear to stop the stroking is very common.

I don't want to be the first one to come because I want the fun to last. How is this situation handled?

Most guys do not want to be the first to come, but someone has to eventually come. Just remember that most parties have a "round two," and the fun will continue after you come. Also, our experience has been that when one guy gets off the rest of the group follows pretty quickly. Coming is a lot like yawning... it's contagious!

I'm very vocal when I come and like guys to watch me get off. Is this a problem with the group?

No. Just the opposite is true. We like for our members to be vocal when they come. The more vocal you are the better. That way everyone knows you are about to come and we can all watch.

I like to have guys come on me. Is this allowed?

Yes, but with certain restrictions. Members are not permitted to come on any orifice for safety reasons. Feel free to lay back and let guys come on your chest, stomach, legs, or feet. Coming on a member's face is not permitted.

I might want to shower after the party. Can I do this?

It depends. We do permit members (on very rare occasions) to shower after the party, but we strongly discourage this request. Please do not get offended or take it personally if we say no. We prefer that you clean up with your towel. You may wash your hands off in the guest bathroom.

Can I bring something to drink or snack on?

Yes. We have some non-alcoholic beverages available, typically soda and water. No food or snacks are supplied. Bringing your beverage or snack is encouraged if you feel inclined to do so.

I don't like to use lube. Is this required since it is listed on the invite?

No. Lubricant is not required. If you prefer not to use it just let the other members know. Since most members seem to use some type of lubricant, there is the chance that someone might start stroking you with a ready lubed hand.

I'm uncut. Are there other members who share this trait with me?

Yes. We do have uncut members. We do not ask our members if they are cut or uncut, but once they arrive it is quite easy to tell. We cannot guarantee that there will always be an uncut member at the party.

I'm not the "biggest" guy if you know what I mean. How big are your other members?

Since we do not ask for this type of personal information of our members, we do not know how big they are. Of course, once they attend the mystery is revealed. Rest assured that we have members of all shapes and sizes and no one has ever been left out because of size. We are a group about jacking off with other guys and a hard dick is a hard dick and they all come the same in the end.

I've never done this before. Do the hosts make sure everyone is at ease and comfortable before and during the parties?

Yes. Your hosts try to make small talk and crack jokes to break the ice. Feel free to ask questions and strike up conversations with others. Your hosts will usually speak of past parties, bring up past comments, questions, and concerns, and offer up (within reason) information about ourselves if there are members who may not be ready to speak up or ask questions.

I'm nervous about attending the party and getting off with a bunch of strangers. Are the hosts willing to meet with me before a party?

Yes. We have met with new members before attending a party. We are willing to do this on a case-by-case basis. Just contact us stating your desire to meet beforehand, and we will set up a time and a place to meet. Please note that we are busy professionals, and we cannot accommodate everyone's wishes. Two things to remember: Note that we will NOT reschedule if we set a meeting date/time/location with you if you do not show because of cold feet or other reasons. Also, we are not meeting you with the primary intention of jacking off with you. We're meeting with you to provide you with information about the parties and help you become more comfortable with us, your hosts.

If I meet someone at the party and wish to exchange information with them, is this a problem?

No. Group members can share as much or as little information about themselves with other members. Just know that your hosts will NEVER share your information, photos, or profiles with any other members, nor will we act as a go-between to provide your information to another member. Hooking up with others is your business. We ask that you exchange information privately either before or after the party. This action makes some members uncomfortable. We will ask that the information exchange halt if it becomes problematic.

Is this a "hook up" party? Am I going to be hit on repeatedly and asked for my personal information?

No. The Orlando Jacks is a jack-off group only! We are not here to serve as a "hook-up" for guys to meet other guys or provide any other service than jacking off with a group of men. Please let your hosts know if a member is bothering you or you feel uncomfortable for any reason. The group respects the rules set forth, and we've had no problems like this in the past.

Why are the parties always on a Friday or Saturday? I work a crazy schedule and just can't make them.

The parties are held on Fridays or Saturdays because your hosts work Monday through Friday, and this schedule works best for us. We've also received input from members, and these two days were the most requested. Remember that you can't please all of the people all of the time, and we are not here to try to change that.

Why don't you host the parties at different locations?

The Orlando Jacks is a jack-off group for the Orlando Metro area. We started the group because there was not a jack-off group in our region. Now there is! We do not have the means or desire to travel outside of the area. If you want to jack off in South Florida or Pensacola, may we suggest that you start a group?

Why don’t you hold the parties more than once or twice a month?

Opening up our private residence once or twice a month to host a group jack-off party takes a lot of work. We have a large group list of over 300 members and growing. For us, keeping up with the e-mails alone can be a timely activity, not to mention preparing our home and cleaning up after the parties. Therefore, we can only offer parties once or twice a month.

Are women allowed to attend? My girlfriend likes to watch guys jack off.

The Orlando Jacks is a group for men who enjoy jacking off with other men. We have had requests for women to attend to watch. We do not have the resources to host two types of parties. Women are not permitted to attend since we advertise ourselves as a group for men only. We suggest checking on Masturbation.com for groups of this nature.

Any chance this group will become a Jack 'n Jill club?

No. Your hosts are openly gay men and we reserve the right to create a group for men who enjoy watching other men get off. Maybe you can start a local Jack 'n Jill club in the Orlando area.

Since there are just two of you, how can I be sure that all the rules are observed all the time? I don't want to be put in an uncomfortable position.

My partner and I pay close attention to what is taking place at each party, and we also rely on other members to speak up or stop playing if any rules are broken. Please respect the rules and your fellow members. The group is about having fun and doing it as safely as possible. The World Wide Web offers everything under the sun, so please don’t come to our parties expecting something else.

Why are you hosting events with concerns about COVID-19?

We decided to begin hosting again with certain precautions in place. We have been following the news regarding COVID-19 and feel comfortable with smaller group gatherings and other changes that meet the CDC guidelines. We may have decided to start hosting again, but you do not have to attend until you feel ready and are comfortable in doing so. We may suspend our events again depending on what happens in our state. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

Why did you decide to continue hosting with concerns about monkeypox?

We decided to continue hosting events after we received input from our members through a recent survey. While monkeypox is not a pleasant thing to have and can be quite painful and troubling, we had enough interest from our members to continue hosting and we are temporarily offering no-contact events. You can learn more about what this means on our Rules and Events pages. If you are not comfortable attending at this time, that is a personal decision and we respect it. We are closely monitoring updates regarding monkeypox and vaccinations. 

Why are you not hosting virtual events now?

We have researched a variety of online platforms that allow for virtual meetings and all of them do not allow nudity, sexual acts, and/or pornography. This information is stated in the user agreements. In addition, we have concerns with these types of events being recorded without our knowledge and shared on the web. There are also privacy, legal, and liability concerns. In addition, do we offer these events for free? How do members pay? What happens if the meeting room info is hacked or shared? We have decided at this time not to attempt hosting a virtual jack-off event.

Are your site and data secure?

We use SSL (secure socket layers) which encrypts the content on our site. Your data is stored locally on a personal computer that we own and is backed up to a personal hard drive. We do not use store content on any “cloud” services. The contact form is encrypted through Google and we delete the content after transferring it to our local contact list. We do our best to ensure that all data is protected.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for you can click here to ask us a question.