About Us

We are a private group and offer consenting adult males an opportunity to jack-off with other like-minded males. We welcome all guys who have an interest in group masturbation. If you enjoy getting naked and jacking, give us a try and you will be surprised how erotic and sensual group masturbation can be.

We are a gay couple that enjoys jacking off with other men. We both love to watch a man pleasure himself in just the right way and then get off. There is nothing more erotic than to see a man stroke his dick and pleasure himself to the point of orgasm. From this love of JO, we started the group in February of 2002.

We do not judge and welcome all men into our group. This includes gay, bisexual, heterosexual, or "undecided or uncategorized " men. Our group is about mutual JO and men enjoying the company of other men in a safe, private, and erotic atmosphere. We have a commitment to safer sex in our relationship and the group. We formed the Orlando Jacks because of our love for group JO and safer sex fits in nicely with this concept.

We have never belonged to or been involved with such a group, and when we started to research this via the Internet, we were pleasantly surprised at what we discovered. The idea was more common than we expected, but we also discovered that such a group didn't exist in Central Florida. That's why we formed our group and loosely based it on the Melbourne Wankers out of Australia.

As founders and hosts of the Orlando Jacks, we set the tone and define the parameters of the group. We are also open to new ideas and suggestions as the group continues to evolve. Our basic idea is to provide a safe environment in the Central Florida area for men who want to jack off with other men. There is a unique sexual energy that comes from a room full of men that are naked, hard, and enjoying group masturbation. The love of hard dicks and group JO brings us together with no attitude - just an open, welcoming, and erotic atmosphere.

New York and San Francisco are home to two venerable Jacks clubs, The New York Jacks (established in 1980) and the San Francisco Jacks (established in 1983) which have set the model that has been mimicked and propagated. These groups have two common rules: "no lips below the hips" and the broader "nothing goes inside anything" rule.

Our group is modeled after these clubs and we hold dear the rule of “no lips below the hips”. We also expect all members to respect others on all levels. Do not be rude to or demanding of others. Pay close attention to body language and subtle gestures or comments. We do not want any member to walk away feeling pressured or regretful for doing something they weren’t ready to do.

We are not pretending to be something we are not so if anyone tries to push the boundaries, they will be dealt with appropriately and promptly. The group does self-regulate itself regarding these rules and we never call out any members in a group situation. We simply move in and offer a gentle reminder of the rules.

In the Orlando Jacks, we do not judge others for their actions, and we do not restrict any member from expressing their sexuality as they please outside of the context of the group. Our group does not limit members based on anything and all men are welcome who enjoy the idea of jacking off with other like-minded men.

You can find all things about the group at https://linktr.ee/orlandojacks Check it out. 

Do you want to read more about our group and others in the country, then check out this link,

“I Run a Jerk-Off Club: True Stories from 3 American Club Owners

We reserve the right to deny access to our group or any party based on violating any group rules, our privacy policy, or our terms and conditions. We are not required and may not explain denying access.